Okahijiki (Saltwort, Land Seaweed)

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(Salsola komarovii)

Okahijiki, or Land Seaweed is a highly nutritious annual Japanese vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals. It has soft deep green succulent tubular leaves and stems with a crisp texture and salty flavour. This traditional vegetable has many uses and usually accompanies Sushi, but more often it is used in dressed and vinegared salads. Okahijiki is either steamed or blanched briefly in salted water and then quickly cooled in iced water and served with a dressing.


Okahijiki literally ‘Hill Seaweed’ is found in the wild growing in salt laden coastal marshes throughout Japan and obtains its name from its similarity to the true seaweed ‘Hijiki’ found growing on rocky coastlines around Japan, Korea and China. Okahijiki is easily grown either in the garden or in pots, and grows vigorously in warm wether. Harvest young growth regularly as it becomes somewhat inedible once flowering commences. (Approx 200 seeds per gram)


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