Water Spinach (Ong choy) - Bamboo Leaf

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50 Seeds/Pkt - Approx. 19 Seeds/gram

(Ipomoea aquatica) Perennial, known as Kang Kong

An aquatic tropical vine that can be successfully grown in a moist soil. 25-30 days.

Water Spinach grows rapidly at warm temperatures. Leaves and stems can be harvested at any growth stage once plants have become established.

Selection: Water Spinach (Ong choy) - Bamboo Leaf

Product no. Quantity Status Price
V-SPIWBAM-0001 Packet
V-SPIWBAM-0005 Bulk seeds - 20g
V-SPIWBAM-0007 Bulk seeds - 100g
V-SPIWBAM-0009 Bulk seeds - 500g
V-SPIWBAM-0010 Bulk seeds - 1kg

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