Hairy Gourd F1

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20 Seeds/Pkt

(Benincasa hispida) Also known as Hairy Melon, Mao Gua or Fuzzy Gourd.

An early maturing, vigorous F1 hybrid producing small green fruit of 20-22cm in length. Very delicious in stir-fry and soups.

Hairy gourd is best grown on support for maximum yields and easy harvesting. Extremely productive in warm climates. Pick young fruit for best flavour.

Selection: Hairy Gourd F1

Product no. Quantity Status Price
V-GOU01-0001 Packet
V-GOU01-0005 Bulk seeds - 20g
V-GOU01-0007 Bulk seeds - 100g
V-GOU01-0009 Bulk seeds - 500g
V-GOU01-0010 Bulk seeds - 1kg

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