Rosella (Hibiscus sabdariffa)

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20 Seeds/Pkt - Approx. 27 Seeds/gram Germination rate: 95%

Rosella is a form of hibiscus shrub grown for its edible shoots and especially the red calyces (sepals surrounding the seeds pod) traditionally used in Australia for the flavouring of drinks and the making of jam.

Rosella originates in India through to Malaysia, and carried to Africa at an early time.  The plant is an annual shrub to about 2m high, leaves with 3 to 5 lobes. Flowers are borne in the leaf axil, yellow with deep red centre turning pink by days end. These are followed by the developing seed pod encased in the red calyces harvested when 2-3cm long in winter.

As a true tropical plant rosella requires a long growing season and may be grown in colder climates but seedlings must be started in very early spring to be able to harvest before the first frosts in autumn.

Throughout the world rosella is used in a number of ways. Young shoots are eaten raw in salads or cooked as a vegetable, often added to stews, soups and curries. The calyces are also added to salads or cooked but frequently infused with boiling water to flavour drinks or to make jams, jellies and sauces. Prior to use the hard bracts at the base of the calyces are cut off leaving just the red sepals and seed pod.

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