Edible Chrysanthemum - Serrated Leaf (Tong Ho, Shungiku)

(Quantity: Bulk seeds - 100g)

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300 Seeds/Pkt - Approx. 420 Seeds/gram

Also known as Tan O. This variety produces small aromatic serrated leaves on highly productive plants. Both stems and leaves are edible and delicious. Edible Chrysanthemum is best grown in a rich, moist, well-drained soil in full sun. Sow in spring and autumn.

Selection: Edible Chrysanthemum - Serrated Leaf (Tong Ho, Shungiku)

Product no. Quantity Status Price
VA-004(1)-0001 Packet
VA-004(1)-0005 Bulk seeds - 20g
VA-004(1)-0007 Bulk seeds - 100g
VA-004(1)-0009 Bulk seeds - 500g
VA-004(1)-0010 Bulk seeds - 1kg

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