Winter Squash - Kakai (Hulless Seeds)

Winter Squash - Kakai (Hulless Seeds)

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10 Seeds/Pkt - Approx. 5 Seeds/gram

(Cucurbita pepo)

This unique pumpkin is grown specifically for its edible seeds. These tasty pumpkin seeds known also by their Spanish name ‘Pepita’ are a popular snack when roasted and salted.

Kakai's main feature is that it produces hulless or naked pumpkin seeds that do not require shelling before use. Instead they are covered with a clear thin cellophane like skin that is easily rubbed away.

The flesh of this mottled striped green and gold coloured fruit is generally not eaten. The nutritious seeds can be eaten raw and are also pressed to obtain a high quality oil that has a strong nutty flavour popular in salad dressings and even desserts.

The vines are vigorous and easy to grow and set fruit.

Note: this variety replaces 'Lady Godiva'

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