Kabocha Pumpkin - Tetsukabuto F1 (Late Potkin)

Kabocha Pumpkin - Tetsukabuto F1 (Late Potkin)

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Tetsukabuto is now one of the most popular pumpkin varieties eaten in Japan, being most suitable for deep fried tempura style and stir-fry cooking. Producing almost round dark metallic green skinned fruit to 2.5kg the flesh is yellow/orange firm and nutty in flavour, with long keeping qualities. Also known as Late Potkin.

Vines are vigorous and disease resistant. It will require cross pollination from other pumpkins (Cucurbita maxima or Cucurbita moschata) to aid fruit set as this variety produces mostly female flowers.

Selection: Kabocha Pumpkin - Tetsukabuto F1 (Late Potkin)

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