Kabocha Pumpkin - Potkin F1 (Treated Seeds)

Kabocha Pumpkin - Potkin F1 (Treated Seeds)

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Treated Seeds

Please note that 'Potkin' produces mostly female flowers that require a pollinator planted nearby to assist fruit set. 'Potkin' planted by itself may not bare any fruit. Suitable pollinator varieties are any pumpkin of the species 'maxima' or 'moschata'. 'Golden Nugget', for exmaple, is useful for this purpose.

A superb hybrid form of Japanese Kabocha pumpkin with dark green to almost black slightly ribbed skin. Sweet tasting dark orange flesh with a smooth dry texture. Very popular for simmering, roasting and in soups. In Japan Kabocha it is traditionally used for vegetable tempura, simmering, salads and soups, and also used to make sweets. Fruit has long keeping qualities. 3.5kg. 100 days.


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