Pumpkin - Marina Di Chioggia

Pumpkin - Marina Di Chioggia

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10 Seeds/Pkt - Approx. 3 Seeds/gram

(Cucurbita maxima) 

An old heirloom variety from the small seaside town of Chioggia just south of Venice, Italy, it produces large grey/green knobbly fruit up to 15kg.

With medium to dry sweet yellow/orange flesh it is traditionally used for gnocchi and ravioli but is ideal baked and grilled.

Commonly sold as a tasty snack at Italian street stalls, slices are grilled with sea salt and olive oil and dusted with pepper.

Marina di Chioggia has good keeping qualities and stores well over winter in a cold dry environment, and flavour improves with storage. 

Harvest - 100 days Highly recommended!

Pumpkin - Marina Di Chioggia 

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