Winter Squash - Green Hubbard

Winter Squash - Green Hubbard

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(Cucurbita maxima)

The Green Hubbard is the original heirloom variety from which all others Hubbard’s are bred from.

This high yielding vine produces unusual teardrop shaped fruit with warty dark green skin. The orange flesh is rich sweet and dry, and stores well over winter.

The Hubbard has an interesting history. It first appears in the town of Marblehead Massachusetts USA at the turn of the 19th century and it is believed seeds were sourced either from the West Indies or South America. At that time this still unnamed variety was cultivated for a number of years by Captain Knott Martin. In the early 1840’s seeds from Capt. Martin were past on by way of a Mrs Elizabeth Hubbard to her neighbour James Gregory.

Gregory was in fact a seed merchant and began breading various forms. These were all later marketed using the Hubbard name around the 1850’s when Gregory’s Father titled this previously unnamed variety a Hubbard after Mrs Hubbard. 

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