Winter Squash - Delicata

Winter Squash - Delicata

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(Cucurbita pepo)

This delightful heirloom pumpkin is considered by many to be one of the very best for flavour and texture. Producing attractive 20cm long cylindrical creamy white fruits with green stripes Delicata is a most popular variety for baking and stuffing and it can be eaten skin and all.

Delicata is also a good source for pumpkin seeds that are roasted and salted for a tasty snack.

Introduced in 1894 by market gardener Peter Henderson of New York USA, Delicata gained much popularity during the 1920’s before slowly disappearing into obscurity. In recent decades it popularity has surged again as a highly prized gourmet winter vegetable.

Harvest – 100 days.

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