Mustard - Ethiopian Mustard (Texsel Greens)

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()Brassica Carinata)

An adaptive fast growing mustard with thick fleshy glossy green leaves. Texsel greens may be harvested at any growth stage like other mustards. Young leaves may be added to salads and mature leaves for cooking, and combine the flavour of spinach and cabbage. The young flowering stems can also be prepared like baby broccoli.

Texsel greens are an improved form of Ethiopian mustard - a natural hybrid between the cabbage and mustard families - originating in east Africa. Plants exhibit good resistance to pests and disease and also considerable heat tolerance, however best growth is attained in cool weather and crops best between autumn and spring. Sow at regular intervals for a continued supply.

Selection: Mustard - Ethiopian Mustard (Texsel Greens)

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