Quercus Palustris (Pin Oak)

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Native Habitat: S.E. Canada and N.E. United States.

Description: Large strong fast growing deciduous tree with deeply lobed shiny green leaves turning beautiful shades of red and orange in autumn. Much planted as a lawn specimin and avenue plantings.

Height: 20m

Spread: 12m

Cultivation: Naturally found growing in swampy woodlands the pin oak adapts well to drier soils, but is intolerant of lime.

Selection: Quercus Palustris (Pin Oak)

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TRE-AUE02-0001 Packet
TRE-AUE02-0012 50 Acorns
TRE-AUE02-0003 100 Acorns
TRE-AUE02-0004 200 Acorns
TRE-AUE02-0011 1000 Acorns

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