Myoga (Japanese Ginger)

Myoga (Japanese Ginger)

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This ginger relative native to Japan and southern Korea and is grown for its edible flower buds and spring leaf shoots (Myoga take). The young flower buds are a prized delicacy, having a mild but spicy flavor and are popular in Japanese and Korean cuisine. Myoga is used both fresh and cooked, and may be finely shredded and added to soups, fried as a tempura, pealed and added to sushi, and pickled. In Korea the buds are arranged with meat on a skewer and pan fried. The spring leaf shoots (Myoga take) are used in a similar way to the flower buds.

Sliced Myoga

Myoga has been cultivated for many centuries, and in Japan is recognised as a ‘yakumi’ or medicinal condiment believed to aid digestion. Health wise Myoga contains high levels of Potassium and Calcium and Vitamins B1, B2 and B6.

Myoga is easy to grow and vigorous in ideal environments. In nature Myoga is a deciduous herbaceous perennial dieing back to ground level in winter, and performs best in a moist soil under dappled light from overhanging trees, but any semi-shaded site is suitable. Flower buds are harvested in late summer and leaf shoots in spring.



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