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(Ocimum × citriodorum)

An intensely lemon flavoured basil often found in SE Asian cooking.

Lemon basil is closely related to Lime basil. Both have strong citrus aromas and look very similar. The Thai name Maenglak and Indonesian name Kemangi are used interchangeably to identify both varieties which are used in the same manner.

Lemon basil is one of a number of basil varieties used in Thai cuisine but is most commonly found in 'Khanom chin namya' a popular rice noodle dish served with a fish or shrimp based curry sauce which may also include vegetables and fresh leaves. The seeds are also used in deserts and resemble frog's eggs after being soaked in water.

Lemon Basil is also used frequently in Indonesian cooking, and is called kemangi, where it is popular as a salad leaf. It is also used in curries, soups and stews.

Lemon Basil grows up to 50cm tall, has light green leaves and stems tipped with white flowers in late summer.

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