Chicory - Italiko Rosso (Red Dandelion)

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300 Seeds/Pkt

(Cichorium intybus)

Exquisite bright red stems and deep green serrated leaves are the outstanding feature of the popular dandelion type chicory that looks as good in the garden as it dose on the plate.

An exciting colourful addition to salads and a fabulous cooked green of restaurant quality.

Italiko Rosso

Selection: Chicory - Italiko Rosso (Red Dandelion)

Product no. Quantity Status Price
V-CHICO04-0001 Packet
V-CHICO04-0005 Bulk seeds - 20g
V-CHICO04-0007 Bulk seeds - 100g
V-CHICO04-0009 Bulk seeds - 500g
V-CHICO04-0010 Bulk seeds - 1kg

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